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Summary Involved in developing first generation consumer Virtual Reality (SteamVR / HTC Vive).
Developed key Internet technologies (HTML email, AJAX, WebDAV).
Experienced with multiple startups that had successful exits (ResNova sold to Microsoft in 1996, XenSource sold to Citrix in 2007, Pure Networks sold to Cisco in 2008).
Deep background in software architecture spanning client, server and large-scale service implementations in both consumer and enterprise markets.
Broad experience in all aspects of software industry spanning development, architecture, program management, building teams, management, working with business teams.
Experience 1990-1996 ResNova Software, Inc. Huntington Beach, CA
President and Founder

  • Founded small software company which created client and server software for Macintosh and Windows and grew to 17 employees
  • Involved with most aspects including product development, marketing and PR (5-star product review from MacWeek), business development, customer relationships
  • Acquired by Microsoft in November 1996
1996-1997 Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA
Development Lead, Mac Internet Group and Outlook

  • Shipped Microsoft version of acquired products as part of Mac Internet Explorer 4.0 product family
  • Involved with Internet Standards work- MHTML, HTML, HTTP, early XML
  • Prototyped future storage concepts for Outlook (port to SQL)
1997-2001 Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA
Lead Program Manager, Exchange Server

  • Created XMLHTTP, key component of AJAX platform and built first true AJAX application (Outlook Web ACcess for Exchange 2000)
  • Lead program management team for protocols, Outlook Web Access, developer platform
  • Created Exchange Front End servers and rearchitecture of Outlook Web Access to meet customer needs and grow business > $50 million
2001-2005 Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA
Group Program Manager, WPF (Avalon)

  • Developed program management team for WPF (Avalon) frameworks (higher level APIs, controls, layout, data, web support)
  • Involved in architecture team, focusing on making sure that WPF follows its key principles and works cleanly for real application and web developers
2005-2006 Pure Networks Seattle, WA
Director of Program Management

  • Lead team in design and execution of Network Magic 2.0, a major new release that included a personal web server, universal router support, licensing and retail support in 6 months
  • Played important role in recruiting key talent to the company
  • Prototyped redesign of Network Magic as a web-service with AJAX-based web UI and cloud and local-based services
  • Pure Networks acquired by Cisco for $120M in 2008
2006-2008 Launch21 Consulting, Fast Carrot, XenSource, Judy’s Book Inc Seattle, WA

  • Created new admin application for XenSource (acquired by Citrix for $500M in 2007)
  • Developed new startup in web calendar search, sharing, syndication
  • Created CouponLooker vertical search engine, contributed to Judy’s Book new deals site.
2008 DeepRockDrive Bellevue, WA
Software Architect

  • Lead complete redesign and rearchitecture of site for 1000x performance
  • Created site to support live music events which enabled real events (Disturbed) with >10k simultaneous users pounding on the site.
2008-2012 Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA
Development Lead, SharePoint Online (Grid)

  • Founding member of the team that designed and and implemented the next generation service that is a component of Office 365. Created the service fabric for automatic deployment and adopted traditional on-premises software to run as a service on thousands of servers.
2012-2014 Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA
Development Lead, Xbox Platform

  • Member of the team delivering the Xbox One software platform for user interface applications.
2014-2016 Valve Corporation
Developer, Steam and SteamVR

  • Developed Steam Inventory service, and miscellaneous other features for massive scale platform and store for PC games.
  • Developed portions of SteamVR, VR platform used by the HTC Vive (and supporting the Oculus Rift).
  • Supported developers on Unity and Unreal Engine for VR games and photogrammetry on SteamVR and the HTC Vive.
  • Created technology for mixed reality video to showcase SteamVR.
Education 1989-1993 Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
B.A. Physics, concentration in Computer Science.
  1985-1989 Classical High School, Providence, RI
  • Granted 16 patents, others pending.
  • Contributed to design of HTTP 1.1, HTML 4.0, XML 1.0, WebDAV, CDF/RSS.
  • Co-inventor of AJAX, Co-Author of Internet Standards MHTML, PICS

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