HTC Vive Launches Tomorrow

Once again one of those “I haven’t posted on my blog in a long time” posts. I guess I’ve been busy. Tomorrow is a really big day- the HTC Vive launches! SteamVR (our bit of it) has already been in use by thousands of people so in some aspects its a bit less of a big moment (and some consumer deliveries already happened today). But tomorrow the press embargo lifts and all the titles launch (+ a little extra thing) so its a really big deal.

Those titles are a key part of it. One of the most exciting bits for me over the past year+ has been working with tons of developers on their stuff and getting a chance to see a bunch of these games (and other) early.

One of the interesting phenomina in the VR world is there is lots of “what is VR?” discussion. The classic one is panoramic 360 photos/video. I don’t feel a need to include/exclude things, but there has been an interesting discussion about whether these really count (since they don’t really work right as you move your head, etc).

But beyond that if you look at the bigger VR landscape there are a bunch of titles that are things that could basically be on a flat 2d monitor but just displayed in 3d. Those are fun and the 3d makes them feel fresh.

But some of the new stuff coming out tomorrow is really a different level. Room-scale and even more importantly motion controllers really transform this stuff. There are titles that are brand new things that aren’t like anything you have ever seen before. But then there is also stuff like Space Pirate Trainer. The thing about that one is that in some ways the game is like Galaga. A 35 year old game where there are space ships flying around above you in patterns and you have to shoot them. But Space Pirate Trainer transforms this into an entirely new thing- you point with your hands, you dodge, you have to look out for things coming from both sides, you get to block stuff with a sheild. Its not slightly fresh, its totally fresh and I think is a perfect way to reveal how much computing will be transformed by VR (and AR and in-between).

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  1. Hi Alex,

    I’m trying to set up my pc to capture the mixed reality footage from vive games. I’m not 100% sure how to set everything up. I was wondering if I could pay you hourly to help me set it up on skype? Please let me know!

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